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Setting up a CoffeePals Mentorship program.

Creating mentorship opportunities in your company can be really beneficial for your employees. More specifically when it's a remote organization, meeting a mentor can be incredibly difficult. CoffeePals can be used to introduce mentors to mentees to help make finding a mentor easier and more natural.

Get Started with CoffeePals for Mentorship

CoffeePals will periodically introduce mentors to mentees. Once a mentor and a mentee feel like they are a good match for recurring mentorship, they can leave the program. Alternatively, you can continuously pair mentors and mentees so that mentees get more perspective from different mentors.

To get started with CoffeePals for mentorship, you'll need to create a mentorship team in Microsoft Teams. You can call this team "Coffee and mentorship" or "Mentorship Roulette". Once you've created the team, add the CoffeePals app to the team. Next, follow these steps:

Open the dashboard by sending a personal message to the app with the command "Dashboard.
Click Team Settings from the left side menu
Find the team you just added and then click Manage Team.
Open the Match settings and scroll down to Match Type.
Select Cross-group matching and create two groups: "Mentors" and "Mentees".
Ensure that the "If there are no users left to match, add them to a larger group" toggle is set to off to ensure that mentors only meet with mentees.
Click save.

This will send a personal message to all users on the team asking them if they are a mentor or a mentee. All new joiners of the team will also be asked this question and self-designate into each group. You can also configure the match day, frequency and time.

Mentorship groups in Team settings

Next, you'll need to find participants to join the mentorship team as both mentors and mentees. Try posting a message in your company channel or in a company-wide email explaining the program to recruit participants. You can even share a link to the team so people can self-join.

Get a link to a team

What happens when a mentor and a mentee have a great conversation and want to create recurring mentorship meetings?

Once two people feel like there could be a longer-term mentorship opportunity, they can create a recurring calendar event ( we recommend every 3 weeks). They can also both leave the team at this point if they feel they no longer need to participate. This is of course optional.

Will mentors ever match with other mentors (and mentees with mentees)?

No, the mentors will never be matched with mentors. If there are not enough mentors for mentees (or vice versa) those participants will not be matched with anyone.

What does it look like when a user is asked which group they are in?

Users are presented with two options right in teams. It looks like this:

Group selection

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to or by clicking the purple chat bubble in the bottom right corner.

Updated on: 28/09/2022

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