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How to set up Automated Match Scheduling

Automated scheduling eliminates the need for participants to go through the process of finding a suitable meeting time with their match.

How does it work?

With automated scheduling, CoffeePals will automatically schedule a calendar event for each match group as soon as they are matched. This process considers the availability, working hours, and scheduling preferences of each user to find a suitable meeting time for them. Once the event is scheduled, users have the option to reschedule directly within the match card. In the event that CoffeePals cannot find a suitable time, it will utilize the "Connected Calendar" as a fallback option.

Enabling Automated Scheduling

To enable automated scheduling, we need permission from your IT admins to access the calendar information of participants. Once we have this permission, setting up automated scheduling becomes a straightforward process.

Go to the Match Settings in the dashboard and find the Meeting Scheduling preferences.

Select Automated Scheduling from the list of scheduling options.

Once you choose the Automated Scheduling option, you will be prompted to authorize CoffeePals either by granting access through Microsoft or by sending an email to your IT admins to request access.

After completing either of the two options mentioned above, you can proceed by clicking on the "Enable Automatic Scheduling" button.

If you have sent an email to your IT department, you will notice the presence of a "Waiting for permission" indicator. Once CoffeePals receives the necessary permission from your IT department, this indicator will change to green.

That's it! Now, wait until your next match day for users' coffee chats to be automatically scheduled.

How can users set their individual preferred scheduling times?

Participants can indicate their preferred automated scheduling times by sending a personal message to the CoffeePals app with the keyword Schedule. This action will unveil scheduling options in a new card, allowing users to select their preferred time slots. CoffeePals will make an effort to find a time that accommodates the preferences of all users involved.

Updated on: 16/05/2023

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