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How can I manage my program configuration?

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Program admins can change these settings in the CoffeePals dashboard. To access the program settings:

Go to the dashboard. Send the command "Dashboard" to the app in a personal message. This will send you a login link to access the dashboard.
Once you are in the dashboard, click the Programs button in the left menu to show the list of programs.
Find the program you wish to configure and click the Program card.

Program List

Changing the Program Configuration

Once you are on the program management page, you will see a tab for Configuration. Click the configuration tab to open up the page of options. Here you can:
Edit the program name
Edit the program admins
Edit the audiences assigned to this program
Edit the messaging channel where any team notifications are sent to, by pressing on the three dots next to the audience name
Change the next match day and time, once you set the next day and time, your matching cycle will repeat on this day of the week
Set the frequency of your match cycles (1 to 12 weeks)
Enable opt-in, which asks users if they want to opt-in for each match cycle
Change the group size (1 - 8 people)
Enable icebreaker questions to the match card
Choosing which scheduling option suits your team
Customize the match message
Enable the leaderboard card
Customize the intro messages

Note that these settings are for the specific program you selected. Other programs will need to set up their own settings.

Program Configuration

Note that on the free plan, you can only change the messaging channel and the timezone. By default, free users can only match in groups of two every week on Tuesdays at 10AM.

If you have any questions that we did not cover or feedback, hit the purple chat button at the bottom right of the screen! You can also contact us at

Updated on: 02/05/2024

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