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How To: Match users Across Different Groups

CoffeePals allows you to get creative with how you match users within your organization. With the Cross-group Matching feature, you can create different groups, and we will match them together. This ensures that users get to meet up with users who aren't in the same group as them.

Cross group matching is available on our Pro and Enterprise plans!

Get Started With Cross Group Matching

To get started, make sure you've added CoffeePals to a Team.

Log into the Dashboard.
Click the Programs Page in the dashboard
Click "Create a new program" button
Using the "Type Filter", chose Cross-group Matching
Select "Cross Group Coffees! 🙌" for the generic template, or one of our themed templates
Go through the program setup process

Cross-group Matching Programs

During the process, you can create the groups that CoffeePals will match across. Some examples that other teams are using are: mentor meet mentee, departments and office locations. Don't be afraid to get creative and make up your own experience!

Group Management

Once you click save, CoffeePals will send a message to each user asking which group they belong to. Alternatively, you can select the user's group as outlined below.

If a user doesn't select a group in Microsoft Teams, they will not be considered for matching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the group size with cross-group matching?

Yes, you can! Match up to groups of 8 with cross-group matching. Note that we can only guarantee 2 people in a group will be in different groups. For example: if there is a group of three, there may be 1 person from Group 1 and two people from Group 2.

Match Group Size

Can I assign members to groups?

Theoretically yes, though we still send each member of the team a message asking them which group they are in. If you want to assign members to groups, you can do that by:

Go to the Programs page
Click on the program whose user list you want to manage
Go to the Users tab
Click on the three dots (...) next to the name of the user whose group you want to change
Choose the group from the dropdown menu

Changing Member Match Groups

Even if groups are assigned by the admins, participants can change their match group by clicking the group button in the private MS Teams message that is sent to them or through their personal program settings page.

Can I reset all the group names and have users choose their groups?

Yes! Make changes to your group names and click Save to resend a message to all members of the team.

What happens if someone doesn't select a group?

If someone doesn't answer the question sent to them in teams, they won't be considered for matching.

Can members be a part of multiple groups?

No, at this time, users can only belong to a single group. We do plan on adding this functionality in the future.

If you have any questions that we did not cover or feedback, hit the purple chat button at the bottom right of the screen! You can also contact us at

Updated on: 02/05/2024

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