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Coffee Lottery: Get Started

Coffee Lottery is now here!  Run a draw for participants to win a chance to meet with someone special. Connect your CEO or executives with people on the front lines to get a unique perspective on the organization. 

Example: Weekly draw for 1 or more people to meet the CEO!

This feature is available on our pro plan! Get started with our 14-day free trial.

Get started

To get started with Coffee Lottery follow these steps:
Add the CoffeePals app to the team where you want the coffee lottery to take place. You can also create a new team specifically for the coffee lottery. Click here to find it in the Teams Store and then click "add to team".
Add to team
Access the dashboard by sending a personal message to the app with the command "Dashboard" or click here.
Click Team Settings in the left sidebar menu.
Find the team you want to modify and click Manage Team.
Click the Match Settings tab from the top menu.
Select the Coffee Lottery Matching match type.
Click Save

Coffee Lottery Matching

You can also have CoffeePals send the host an email when they receive a winning participant. This is great if the individual isn't very active on Teams.

Once you click save, CoffeePals will send a message to the team and each user on the team informing them that the lottery has started.

Configuring Coffee Lottery

By default, Coffee Lottery sends matches to your channel at 10AM PST on Tuesdays. You can also:
Select the number of people that can meet with the host
Select the time, day and frequency of the lottery
Configure the message sent to the host at the top of the match card
Set whether the host should also receive an email notification about their match
Choose the channel messages get sent to in your Teams team

Coffee Lottery FAQ

Can I change the date and frequency of the Coffee Lottery?

Yes, you can change the date and frequency to meet your needs. The frequency can be anywhere between 1-12 weeks.

Which plans have Coffee Lottery?

Coffee Lottery is available on our pro and enterprise plans. We do not charge for all active users in the team, only the users who are matched every week. This means that if you purchase CoffeePals for only the Lottery feature on the pro plan, the maximum you will be charged is our lowest tier.

Is it possible that a group gets selected multiple times in a row?

No. Our Coffee Lottery feature uses a smart algorithm to choose users who haven't yet had a chance to meet with the host.

If you have any questions that we did not cover or feedback, hit the purple chat button at the bottom right of the screen! You can also contact us at

Updated on: 25/08/2022

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