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CoffeePals for Onboarding

Starting a role at a new company can be very intimidating. More specifically when it's a remote organization, meeting people on your team is incredibly difficult. CoffeePals can be used to introduce new hires to existing employees and make joining a new team much less unnerving.

Get Started with CoffeePals for Onboarding

You can configure CoffeePals to pair new hires with existing employees. CoffeePals will introduce company new-joiners with seasoned employees to get them better acquainted with their team.

To get started with CoffeePals for onboarding, you'll need to create an onboarding team in Microsoft Teams. You can call this team "Onboarding meetups" or "New Hire Meetups". Once you've created the team, add the CoffeePals app to the team. Next follow these steps:

Open the dashboard by sending a personal message to the app with the command "Dashboard.
Click Team Settings from the left side menu
Find the team you just added and then click Manage Team.
Open the Match settings and scroll down to Match Type.
Select Cross-group matching and create two groups: "Old Hires" and "Existing Employees".
Click save.

This will send a message to all users on the team asking them if they are a new hire or existing employee. All new joiners of the team will also be asked this question. You can also configure the match day, frequency and time.

Next, you'll need to find friendly employees to add to the team who are willing to help make the new hires feel a part of the team. Try posting a message in your company channel explaining the program to recruit existing employees. Now all you have to do is add new employees to this channel once they are in your Microsoft Teams workspace.

Onboarding FAQ

Will old hires be matched together if there are not enough people?

No, the old hires will only be matched with new hires. If there are not enough new hires, the old hires will not be matched with anyone.

Can I automatically have new hires added to this Team?

We currently don't support adding new hires directly into the Team but we will in the future.

What does it look like when a user is asked which team they are on?

Users are presented with two options right in teams. It looks like this:

Group Selection

Updated on: 10/02/2022

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