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What are the different permission levels?

Are there administrative permissions?

Everyone in the organization has access to the dashboard (web application) to manage their personal settings. The dashboard features detailed permissions for programs, audiences, and subscription accounts. Subscription owners and administrators enjoy comprehensive access to all programs associated with their billing account.


Programs have their own permission system. This allows anyone in your organization to create their own and manage it. Once a user adds the CoffeePals app to a Microsoft Team, they become the program and audience owner. Program owners can add additional admins to manage the programs. These program admins can:

Manage the program settings
Manage users within the team
View the match history
Add additional admins or change the owner

Subscription Accounts

Subscription accounts also have a permission system. Once a user creates a subscription account, they become the owner. They can invite others to be Admins or Program Creators.

Admins can:

Change a subscription plan
Edit the payment details
Manage any program under the subscription
View the payment history and invoices

Program Creators can:

Create new programs under the account
Cannot edit anything related to the subscription account

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Updated on: 01/05/2024

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