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How CoffeePals Billing Works

How Billing Works

Our billing process is transparent and seamless. CoffeePals bills based on how many active users you have. We count all active users who received matches or were in a team with CoffeeMaker enabled. All of our prices are in USD.

On Monthly Billing: Your bill increases to the next tier if your active user count surpasses the tier threshold in the previous month, and downgrade if your active user count dips below the threshold.
On Annual Billing: The active user count in your trial period will be used to calculate your first charge. If your active user count goes over the tier limit, you will be charged a prorated amount for the rest of the period. If your active user count decreases, you will be issued a credit for the difference for your next bill.

Any changes to your bill will be reflected on your invoice. If you have any questions, please contact us at or use the chat button at the bottom right of this page.

How do I get to the billing page?

If you need to create a new account or make changes to your billing settings, you can do so on the billing page. To access the billing page:

Sign in to the dashboard.
Click Billing in the left side menu.

Here, you can create or view the billing accounts in your organization.

Billing option

Adding and Changing a Credit Card

Add a credit card during your free trial so that your teams don't lose access when your trial ends. Here, you can also change your billing address. To add/change a credit card:

Click Billing on the left side menu.
Find your account and click View Account.
Click the Billing Information tab.
Click the Add Card button.

This will open a separate page in Stripe to add your credit card to your account.

Billing Options


In the Teams tab, you can choose which teams are allowed to use your license. You can also allow all new teams with CoffeePals installed to use your license.
Only team admins and owners can add and remove teams from the account.

If you wish to pay for all new CoffeePals teams in your organization, you can do so by checking the "Add all newly added teams to this billing account" checkbox.

This will not add existing teams, only new teams that are added. If you wish to add existing teams, click the Change Teams button in the Teams tab and add the existing teams.


In the Admins tab, you can choose who can manage your account. This includes:

Adding and removing teams from the account.
Changing credit card information.
Viewing the invoice history and invoices.
Making changes to the plan.


CoffeePals will email a copy of your paid invoice every month. You can also view your invoices on the account page. To get a history of your invoices:

Open your account on the billing page.
Click the Billing Information Tab.
At the bottom of the page, click Show Payment History.
Select an invoice from the list and click See Invoice.

Payment Options

We currently only accept credit cards. We do make exceptions for enterprise customers. If you have a question, please email us at

Changing your plan

If you wish to change your plan from monthly to yearly, you can do so on the Plan tab of the account configuration. When changing from a monthly subscription to an annual subscription, we will prorate the amount.

How do I cancel my plan?

You can cancel your plan at any time and move back to the free tier. Once you cancel your plan, no further payments will be taken but we will not issue refunds once a payment has been made. If you wish to cancel your plan, email us at with some feedback for us and we will cancel your plan right away.

Updated on: 10/02/2022

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