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How do I pay for all teams in my tenant?

You can manage your subscription on the billing page of the dashboard.

Get Started

Log in to the Dashboard.
Click Subscriptions in the left menu.
Create a new account, or use your existing account.
Enter a credit card in the Billing Information tab.
Click the Teams tab.
Click the checkbox next to "Add all newly added teams to this billing account".

Add all-new teams to billing account

Now, all newly created teams will be added to this billing account. Teams that were created before the box was checked will need to be added manually with the Change Teams button.

Teams that are already assigned a billing account will remain on those billing accounts. To add them to this billing account, contact the account owner and have them remove those teams from their account. Once removed, click the Change Teams button in the Teams tab to add them to your account.

What if the team that is selected is already on someone else's billing account?

If someone else's account is covering all new teams and you want to pay for it separately, follow these steps:

Find the account which is covering the new teams.
Reach out to the owner or admin of the account and ask them to remove the team
Return to your account and add that team to your list of teams

Alternatively, you can reach out to and we can help you change this over.

Updated on: 25/08/2022

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